Ebru Yilmaz Cakmak Turkish

The symbol of female creativity represents also our feelings, habits and the subconcious mind. For some beliefs, moon symbolized poases of change, transformation and life.

Bronze sculptures impart a feeling of wealth and nobility when used in art and architecture. Ebru studied architecture and spent her life designing homes for people when she realized she had a gift for creating sculptures and empowering her emotions and thoughts within her art. When she met with bronze sculpture, she signified women as leaders, survivors, and gods, adding to the regal impression one garnered when studying them.


In this part of Ebru's life from the moment she first met with sculpting, the clay became a women's body in her hands and she tries to give it a soul and feelings because of her respect to the montly cycle of creation of the female body, and the augmentative, sustaining and protective soul. She has sculpted powerful, free, happy women who look forward with their smiling faces. 


World famous sculpture, winged The Victory of Samothrace or The Nike of Samothrace was the winged goddess of victory—athletes who wanted to win worshiped her. The Nike of Samothrace is remembered as a symbol of female power. Being inspired from this world wide known sculpture made Ebru's sculptures more commanding and authoritative Rather than closed off or vulnerable, just like the Nike of Samothrace. Her sculptures are confrontational and victorious. Her power seems to be strengthened by femininity, the female body, and vulnerability. 


Here you will she their bodies, Ebru's emotions and the bronze...