Ece Abay Turkey, b. 1978

Ece Abay is an artist born in Istanbul and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

 After receiving her BA in Visual Arts from Marmara University she continued her work and education in New York where she received her MA on Liberal Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University. During her time in New York, her works have been displayed at renown and reputable Agora, Bates, Bruce Galleries and many more. She continued her academic career and received her MFA from Edinboro University, PA and had the privilege of lecturing at New York University on Woodcut Printmaking. Her creations have been displayed mainly in the USA, the UK, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, and Turke


She characterizes her style as symbolist expressionist and finds inspiration from her emotions which she brings to life through representations of ancient symbols, relics, and temples. She is a true nature lover, passionate for history & heritage and a believer in deep human connection. Her travels around the globe have deepened her understanding of this human connection as she embraced the memory of the places that she visited. Seeing the underlying connection between cities that are far apart through the lens of nature changed her perspective of how she perceives earth and the reflection of its energy over the surface.


She recently completed the second chapter of her journey and named it ‘Ancient Memories’ This chapter is where she shares her experience with the viewer through the lens of our human ancestors who showed us the way to connect with each other on a deeper level. For this specific reason she chose Ancient Temples to be the bridge between human heritage and future generations on enlightenment as well as finding the path in life to prosper in harmony. The series represent birth, growth and maturity of consciousness, starting off from a personal level all the way up to embracing the uniqueness of each individual, forming a singular conscience.


‘We are the reflections of our ancestors on earth…’