Miart Gallery London is a spectacular 500 sqm Contemporary and Modern Art centre located in the heart of Mayfair on St. James's Street. Privileged to have various sized exhibition halls on three separate floors, it can host several exhibitions independent from each other at the same time. Throughout these three floors we host exhibitions that display fine examples of contemporary Eastern and Western art, comprising paintings, sculptures, photographs, and video pieces.


Miart Gallery London showcases a monthly rotation of internationally renowned and emerging global modern and contemporary artists. 


Miart Gallery London is a unique platform that brings together and innovatively synthetizes contemporary Eastern and Western artworks. At this point, our mission is to underline the universality of art and to invite art enthusiasts to explore all forms of art


We welcome international collectors and art lovers to Miart Gallery London to meet our ethnically diverse selection of artists who manifest their cultures and creative vision in various media.


As a gallery that has adopted the principle of art's supremacy to discriminatory concepts such as religion, language, and race, Miart Gallery London stands at the centre of this synthesis and undertakes a social task in both artistic and cultural terms. 


We also offer art consultancy services and are open to inquiries from private collectors, museums, and corporations. We are proud to host these diverse art collections and introduce art lovers to every piece of it.


Gallery Founder/ Owner - F. Irem Deniz