Miart gallery is pleased to announce Emilio Cavallini’s London solo show at the gallery. The exhibition will unveil 30 artworks by the internationally known Italian artist. Emilio Cavallini’s style is unmistakable for its creativity, showcasing geometric cuts, optical motifs, vibrant colors, and kinetic shapes. Since the mid-sixties, the artist dedicates himself to his greatest passion with work that emerges in innovative and original ways, linking art and fashion.


Throughout his years in design, his innovative styles lead him to collaborate with Mary Quant, Dior, Celine, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Gucci. Celebrities Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and many more were spotted wearing Emilio Cavallini’s hosiery designs.


Emilio applies unconventional materials to his art. Borrowing from the fashion world, he explores with nylon yarns, printed fabrics, and yarn’s reeks. His research is based in geometry and mathematics as seen with the variety of linear, spherical, and triangular shapes composed in multidimensional forms. The titles of his artworks reflect mathematical-geometrical theories, combinatorial principles, and permutations. Previously, his work was exhibited in Italy, France, and the United States.


 Time: 24, Nov - 23, Dec