Nick Veasey KENT, UK

"By revealing the inside, the quintessential element of my art  speculates upon what the manufactured and natural world really consists of."

Nick Veasey is a British photographer and artist chiefly known for artworks created from x-ray imaging. A man with x-ray vision, Nick Veasey creates art that shows what it is really like inside. Nick’s work with radiographic imaging equipment takes the x-ray to another level. Everyday objects are transformed from the banal to the beguiling and the layers and make-up of natural items are shown in fantastic detail. Unlike many other x-ray artists, he doesn’t primarily work with x-ray images created during medical examinations. Instead, he is known for his x-ray imagery of everyday objects, such as shoes and packaging.


These works are a classic example of the fusion between art and science. The results transcend classification as photographs, having the gravitas to motivate science institutions and art galleries to acquire the artworks. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London have recently added his work to the British National Collection of Photography. Nick regularly exhibits at fine art galleries the world over. The ethereal and fascinating works have collected a host of International awards. In today’s world that is obsessed with ‘image’, superficiality and artifice, Veasey counters such insubstantial diversions by delving inside and discovering what things are really made of. Metaphors for the images are many and varied. Their context is very relevant in today’s society with the prevalence of surveillance and the use of x-ray technology for security.


Nick Veasey art is uniquely innovative and strangely lyrical. Nick x-rays his subjects, stripping away the layers of everyday life to reveal the beauty within. Focusing on anything from a person reading a newspaper to car or plane, he seamlessly combines engineering, science and photography to create powerful and intriguing images which have won him over 50 awards.  Explore our full range of Nick Veasey x-ray art below and contact us to find out more about his remarkable work.