Bulent Sancar Turkish, b. 1973

Follow your dreams; they know the way. I start by dreaming and sometimes; I draw them and sometimes there is no drawing at all and I start sculpting directly. Everything else is technical after that. If my dreams are reflected in what I create and I am satisfied then my sculpture is finished and I am ready for new dreams.”

Sancar Bülent is a Contemporary Turkish sculptor who graduated from the Marmara Faculty of Fine Art in Ceramic and Glass Specialty as the 3rd honorary student. Until 2012 he worked as a design and brand manager however shortly after this, he began to create large-scale abstract sculptures, which have been inspired by seascapes, ocean mysteries and of course his own dreams.



One of the most famous exhibitions is "We Kiln the Sea" it was presented under the water in Bodrum, Turkey.  In 2005 his ceramic sculpture "Octopus" from this collection was chosen as a cover photo for the Dutch monthly magazine "Keramiek". In addition,  "Angel Fish" another ceramic artwork which he created for the same collection was chosen amongst many pieces to be gifted to Mr. Rahmi Koc (Turkish businessman) on his way back from sailing around the world.


Another famous series of Sancar's sculptures is "Atlantis". Sancar was excited over an image he saw in a documentary about the lost continent, Atlantis and started sketching the forms he saw. In 2014 he discovered a new material composite at METYX. This unique material inspired him to try sculpting new forms as he was searching to create pieces in bigger dimensions. "Thera" is the first sculpture of the Atlantis series for which he later received an invitation to be exhibited in Venice.