Zeynep Asli Türkeli Turkish, b. 1985

Zeynep Asli Türkeli is a young Contemporary artist, who is famous for her representations of sacred Islamic architecture.

Zeynep Asli Türkeli is a young Contemporary artist, who is famous for her representations of sacred Islamic architecture. In 2011 she graduated from Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Combined Arts; in 2012 - from IKBU Faculty of Art and Design, Plastic Arts Department.


In her art making Zeynep Asli Türkeli presents her imagination of the universe by using Sufi references in her paintings and subsequently by translating them into the language of her age. The paintings she has made include various architectural forms, ornamental motifs, and letters, which have derived from the rich Middle Eastern cultural history and geography. The colors she incorporates in her works seem to take their roots from Anatolia's thousand-year-old aesthetic taste and natural climate.


Zeynep Asli Türkeli says: “The places you portray such as the Sultanahmet and Süleymaniye mosques and the Kaaba are reflected on the canvases in a geometric context. In my paintings, by detaching some of the structures and symbols from their own spaces, but with a deep sense of the knowledge of the real nature with their meanings at the moment, to stones, to the architectural figures and spaces that I have built myself, to the minbars that symbolize the connection with God, I weave altars, domes, tiles, and geometric shapes... The wall, dome, arch, altar, pulpit, and the texture of the tiles are all praying, thinking, and ready for action…Reminding that God is at the center of the circle, I emphasize the system of organic universes, not artificial.”


The artist has had multiple exhibitions and her artworks are presented in Selcuk University Konya and RHMD Istanbul museum collections.



2017. Kastim Budur Sehre Varam, Feryad ü Figan Koparam. Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall. Istanbul, Turkey
2014. The World is Not Enough. Yunus Emre Institute. Podgorica Turkish Cultural Centre. Montenegro
2014. The World is Not Enough. JU Muzeji. Galeria i Biblioteka - Budva. Budva, Montenegro
2014. The World is Not Enough. Bijelo Polje, Montenegro
2014. The World is Not Enough. Islamic Community of Montenegro. Podgorica, Montenegro
2012. 12th Young Artists Contest_Traditional. Deniz Museum & Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey
2009. Extra Europa. Mixed Painting Exhibition. Gallery Paradigma. Linz, Austria 

2013. V. and VI. International Workshops Artist. Art Suites Gallery. Bodrum, Turkey


2013. Acik Depo. Mixed Gallery Exhibition. Tophane. Istanbul, Turkey


2012. Beyoglu Beyoglu. Painting and Sculpture Performing Exhibition. ARTE Istanbul. Istanbul, Turkey


2012. 12th Annual Young Artists Contest_ Traditional. Deniz Museum & Art Gallery, Besiktas


2012. Young Artists Exhibition II. Deniz Museum. Istanbul, Turkey


2012. Art is Questioning Violence. International Women Artists Exhibition. Doğuş University, Istanbul 


2012. Young Artists Exhibition I. Deniz Museum & Art Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey


2011. 4 EGEART: Young Artists Contest. Izmir, Turkey


2011. Painting Sculpture Museums Association "IV. International Imprint Contest”. Tophane-i Amire Exhibition Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey


2011. Student Final Project Exhibition. Yuksel Sabanci Art Center Gallery. Yildiz Technical University (Faculty of Art and Design). Istanbul, Turkey


2009 7. International Traditional Festival of " Awaking with Art". Prizren, Kosova