Ufuk Uyanik

Humour is in part of our everyday life (despite all) and used in many creative process frequently to make us smile and laugh, but when it comes to fine art, many  think that art is still a serious matter. 

He studied Graphic Design at a university in Istanbul. While studying he started working for a weekly satirical comic magazine called GIRGIR which had a massive weekly circulation of half a million copies in the 80s, and 90s. Ufuk moved to Britain and after doing domestic jobs in Burger Shops etc...He found an opportunity to work as a cartoonist and his work was published worldwide in magazines, newspapers and also on many commercial products. When he got bored drawing cartoons after all this time, he changed the direction. Lately, he converted his skill into fine arts and has been producing in his London studio. He is a multi-disciplinary artist and has no particular style and he doesn't even want to have one. In the exhibition, the visitors will have a complete surprise, in terms of the mediums that the artist used. Apart from the usual oil, acrylic, canvas, paper and photography, the visitors will also discover many everyday objects such as books, birdcages, mousetraps, computer hard disks, etc.


Humor is part of our everyday life (despite all) and is used in many creative processes frequently to make us smile and laugh, but when it comes to fine art, many think that art is still a serious matter. Despite humor has been used in many art movements like dadaism, surrealism, contemporary art and even street art it is still not widely accepted by the art establishment.  But the 21st century marks the turning point for humor in contemporary art. Being a cartoonist for many years Ufuk is still being haunted by humor that many of his works will amuse us as long as make us think.