Gülten Imamoğlu Tonkat, Turkey, b. 1970

She held nearly 150 exhibitions, including 20 international and international fairs.

Gülten Imamoğlu’s work goes back to the mythical origin of universal subjects such as existence, existence, creation, time, life, birth and death. She tries to dismantle linear and historical notions of time by turning to archetypes in order to get rid of the impositions of our current age, replacing it with an understanding of sacred time.

Her work has been displayed in nearly 150 exhibitions, including 20 international and international fairs, and received many awards. In 2009, at the London International Creative Competition (LICC), she was selected as a finalist in the "Professional Painting" category, among 95 countries and over than 5000 candidates. Since 2010, the artist has continued to accrue awards from many institutions abroad, including the Saatchi Gallery, which been recognised her unique technique she names “Organicmetastrata”. She has continued a successful career around the world, including working with Galleries in New York and Miami.

A successful academic as well as an artist, Imamoğlu first worked as a lecturer in the Fine Arts Department at OMU, having done field studies in important museums and universities in America and Europe since 2002. She was selected "Woman of the Year 2011" by the American Biographical Institute, the same year she was appointed Professor to the OMU Fine Arts Education Department. In 2012, she was appointed to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Ondokuz Mayıs University.

She continues her academic studies at OMU Faculty of Fine Arts, and his artistic studies in his ateliers in Istanbul Nişantaşı, Samsun and Washington.



2022 "KOZMİK US" Gallery1117, İSTANBUL

2021 IAAF Art Fair, Istanbul Kongres& Culture Center ISTANBUL 2019 ‘NUCLEUS’ Miaja Art Gallery, SINGAPORE
2019 "ESTETİK KEHANET" Maji Artgallery, İSTANBUL
2019 “TOHUM II”Artgalerim Bebek,İSTANBUL
2019 “TOHUM” Ziraat Bankası Tünel Sanat Galerisi, İSTANBUL
2019 Metropolitan Pavillon Scope Art Fair