Ahmet Yeşil Turkey, b. 1954

Through his creative endeavours, Ahmet Yeşil discovers a person’s own reality that is individualised.

Ahmet Yeşil is a Turkish Post War & Contemporary artist who was born in 1954 from Mersin. He studied at the Anadolu University Department of Sociology with painters like Nuri Abaç, İlhan Çevik ve Ernür Tüzün. There are several themes which derive from his artworks including dateless diaries, early period works, recent minimals, 1980-1989 Figurative Period works, and Bul(uç)ma Series. In addition to private art collections in Turkey, he has paintings in important foreign collections mainly Germany, America, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom. Ahmet Yeşil, is a member of the Unicef International Association of Plastic Arts. So far, he opened 105 personal exhibitions, and joined 297 group and contest exhibitions. Received 24 awards in national and international contests. “Time for imagination” and “visual touch” were the concepts behind his artworks. He is inspired by daydreams, ideas and imaginations that portray messages from our subconscious internal world. The artist's metaphysical world within his paintings are full of secrets between the spectator and the work of art. Through his creative endeavours, Ahmet Yeşil discovers a person’s own reality that is individualised. He creates visual teases, covers and the aesthetics that take place in the sensitivity of the mind. Drawing upon the aesthetic/plastic values of art that creates an atmosphere reflecting the world.


His solo exhibitions in Turkey include the “Voices and Traces”, Karaca Culture Center, Gallery Diani, Gallery Soyut, Ekol Art Gallery Istanbul, and Aphrodia Art. Selected personal exhibitions, abroad includes the Tatarstan Republic State Painting Art Museum, “Discover the Art of Turkey”, in Peninsula Beijing, China. He has been exhibited on an international level including in China, Germany, USA, Italy, Canada, and Greece. The artworks have remarkable provenance including being in corporate collections such as Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Culture, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Finance, Central Bank Republic of Turkey, Royal Collection of the United Kingdom. He has also won various awards including The Silver Medal in the Salon Exhibition Delegation Award at The Louvre Museum. His artworks are also selected in numerous books and exhibitions catalogues including the Grand Palais Salon Exhibition Catalogue and Georgian National Museum publications, Mehmet Ergüven, Ahmet Yeşil, Bilim Sanat Yayınları, Istanbul 1996, Orçun Çadırcı, Visual Touches, in New York, 2011.