Laura Margarita Turkey, b. 1985

Deep bold colours and rich textures are signature elements in Laura Margarita’s paintings.

Laura Margarita is a contemporary artist and abstract painter.  Deep bold colours and rich textures are signature elements in Laura Margarita’s paintings. She is inspired by a plethora of sources. Throughout her career as an artist, Laura Margarita has been influenced and inspired by her extensive travels while living in geographically & culturally diverse regions ranging from Continental Europe to Western Asia and the United States.  Laura Margarita finds inspiration in nature while celebrating the colour palette found in natural elements, such as earth, fire, water, and forest foliage.  The expression through her artworks is through Laura Margarita’s use of both oil-based and acrylic paints in her work.  Laura Margarita selects specific types of paints depending upon the desired viscosity, colour depth and drying times.  As part of her artistic expression, Laura Margarita also incorporates mixed media and textiles in her paintings to develop textures which complement her artistic vision for each piece.  Mixed media and textiles include fabric, gypsum, gesso, and natural pigments.  Some of her work also incorporates unique elements, such as ground coffee beans, to create bespoke colours and textures as part of her artistic voice. 


Her artistic voice as an abstract artist, Laura Margarita combines her vision of composition with colour and texture to form a visual language which creates a personal dialogue with each viewer and observer of her work.  Fluent in Italian, French, Spanish and English, Laura Margarita is a multi-cultural communicator.  Perspective is part of the dialogue.  From afar, bold and vibrant colours are immediately striking.  As you move closer and approach each piece, a more intimate experience begins.  As perspective changes, textures interact with lighting creating another dimension of complexities, nuances, and subtleties which are all part of the visual dialogue. Regarding background: Laura Margarita received classical training at Accademia di Brera in Milan, Italy, with additional studies via the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).  Laura Margarita was raised in New York City, Milan and The Caribbean.  Currently, Laura Margarita resides in Istanbul, Turkey. Highlights include how Laura Margarita’s work has been exhibited around the world ranging from exhibits in New York, Miami, Rome, London, İstanbul and Bodrum. Currently, Laura Margarita is preparing for an exhibit in Dubai (UAE).  Laura Margarita is currently represented by Aura Art Hub in İstanbul, Turkey.