Rifat Baltaoglu Turkish, b. 1971

After completing his education at Yıldız Technical University in 1990, he established his office and started his career as an architect. Since then, he has signed hundreds of architectural and interior design projects. He has projects in Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Çeşme, and Bodrum. He received the Euroroperty awards for his project in Çeşme in 2016. He still works in his office in İstanbul, besides his painting career, which started in 2018. He has used his architectural style and material knowledge in his artworks. 


Rifat Baltaoglu's artworks are born from recycled materials with the idea, now more important than ever, that everything deserves a second life. Instead of creating waste, his main purpose is to enhance everyday objects and materials through the artwork creation process, transforming objects that have satisfied their original use into pieces of art with a new purpose. 

His artistic expression by using these objects is a new way of defining the word “sustainability” in a modern way, by reducing the amount of old objects going to landfill.