Derrick Santini

"But in a way Photography has had its glory days, technology has curtailed its relevance and power, not its beauty or endurance. But in our modern world the still and silent image feels slightly lacking - we want and desire more, content yearns to move and ideally interact".

Derrick Santini hails from Scarborough, North Yorkshire and discovered his love for photography at the age of thirteen, whilst taking pictures with his mum’s old Agfa camera. Derrick spent his teenage years recording everything he saw; initially a silent and passive observer, he came to regard the images he took as slices of life, ’moments in-between’, as statements about the individual, society, culture - and ultimately as an expression of the human condition.

Voyeuristic in nature, and taking ultimate pleasure from ’stolen moments’, his interest lay in capturing subjects and situations onto which he could project his own intellectual and aesthetic thoughts and fantasies; unbeknownst to those who unwittingly submitted their realities for his surreal re-interpretations.


Derrick’s talent saw him propelled into the fields of portraiture, music photography, fashion and advertising, where he developed a more confrontational approach to image making - one based on interaction and personality, and about eight years ago Derrick started experimenting with Lenticular photography.