Yasemin Sazak Turkish, b. 2000

I explore the duality of physicality and consciousness - a non-tangible concept which I see as the foundations of our experience.

Borin in Istanbul with Norwegian origins, Yasemin is still studying in the University of Arts London. Her work explores the many layers of the human experience. Focusing on introspection and internal-external images, her art questions perception and truth. Yasemin looks at the physical and emotional processes which she believes are crucial to understanding life. 

Influenced by Nordic landscapes and the Mediterranean, the inspiratoins of her own life experiences is what guides her projects. Yasemin's process is meditative and impulsive when it comes to the colours and the forms she uses. "I often turn the canvas around as I paint and try to steer away from my desire to control..." Yasemin's work moves away from the narrative to focus on core feelings - her inspirations reach out into the world and back to her self.